Kitty (Formerly Kitty Pryde) ft. Lakutis – “Ay Shawty”


Kitty Pryde, now just going by Kitty, may have blown up too fast, but she’s handling it well. After riding a wave of hype and getting to hang out with Danny Brown, she’s back focused on music, and she’s polishing that soft, innocent, dreamy sound that made her stand out in the first place. She’s probably not ever going to be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, but she’s bringing a style to hip-hop that’s hard not to be at least a little infatuated with.

Her D.A.I.S.Y. Age¬†EP drops on January 31st, and she gives fans a taste with “Ay Shawty,” featuring Lakutis.


  • Anonymuch


  • earburst

    Seriously the song was bad! I can’t stand it!

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    She really is a young, female Why?.

  • DCA

    why, Lakutis, why?

  • great 8

    she always gets good beats

  • comehomenow

    Don’t get how people can hate on her. Super original sh*t.

  • Fred

    Better than A$AP

  • brit

    if you are a female performer you will deal with an unproportional amount of “hate” and thats just how this misogynistic world rolls no homo

  • Latest

    dig the beat, would motorboat the butt any day…

  • embark

    She gets hate because she’s a lackluster performer who’s not a very good technical “rapper”. Not saying she cant grow but dont act like there some subversive sexist hate happening here.

  • brit

    “subversive” haha

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