Listen to Lil B Diss Joey Badass on New Song “I’m the Bada$$”


Last night, Joey Badass took to twitter to paraphrase a line from late crew member Capital STEEZ’s “Survival Tactics”: “”Tell Lil B don’t quit your day job.”

Unsurprisingly, the tweet led to “I’m the Bada$$,” a diss song from Lil B (which you can hear below) plainly directed at Joey. The track prompted the following exchange between the rappers on Twitter:

Of course, this isn’t Lil B’s first rodeo–he’s dissed numerous rappers over the course of his notorious ascent, including David Banner and Joe Budden (a varied and puzzling set of targets befitting the Based God’s unique persona).

Hopefully we won’t need to call upon the Task Force to protect the Based God from Pro Era. Though it doesn’t appear that Joey will respond other than via tweets, we hope this two keep their (admittedly rather random) beef out of the realm of the real.


  • SK

    not gonna lie, lost some respect from joey after seeing those tweets.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    That was a diss?

  • JoshRichRapsOfficial

    Yeah, thats free promotion for me from lil B, I’d take it.

  • Myself

    the fact that any rapper is mad at Lil B means he’s winning.

    it’s 2013. you’d think people would’ve figured this shit out by now haha

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