Music Submissions From Our Inboxes, Reviewed on GChat


We get a lot of music submissions every day, and people ask us if we even actually listen to them anymore. We do. We'll send each other things all the time, listen to as many submissions as we can, and dig through mass amounts of shitty music hoping to find something good.

To prove that we're still "down-to-earth" and open to submissions, we decided to review some songs in the inbox. Instead of writing proper reviews, we decided to share a real, unfiltered look at how we react to the submissions. We decided to publish our GChats. We're still not sure if this is a good idea.

So here we have the GChat reviews of songs in our inboxes by Confusion (New York) and Constant Gardner (England).

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  • khal

    i’m the biggest badass in EDM

  • Nick

    Probably the funniest post I’ve ever read. I liked it

  • Batmayne

    Name dropping St. Vincent is always a good thing.

  • Cole

    “its like a virgin”

  • Trippy

    I was high as fuck and thet “Big Jooky – Mo Gold, Mo Pussy” shit had me dying bruh. hahahaa

  • Devin Middleton

    hoes and chains is timeless though.

    he shouldve spelt chains with a Z though.

  • T

    I agree…Little Daylight does sound like Icona Pop.

  • Nathan of Rate Every Animal

    Perfect last line.

  • Malik Flint

    that marty mard dude looks like rico from Paid N Full. haha

  • Alex Dreyer

    Good idea bruvs, appreciate the honesty and the cultural differences made for some witty banter. I’d be nice to be able to scroll through the G chat while watching the videos. It was easy to get lost.

  • Jack Long

    this was funner and easier to read than a normal review

  • amazingameer

    Yeah….you guys should curate a small collection of these and post em weekly or something.

  • Smallest

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