Rapper Freddy E. Tweets About Killing Himself Before Allegedly Committing Suicide


Freddy E., real name Frederick Eugene Buhl, was a 22-year-old rapper/comedian reportedly signed to Tyga’s record label. In a very unsettling series of tweets sent out by Freddy yesterday, he revealed how unhappy he was with life. As the tweets continued, it became clear just how bad it was. After tweeting about having a gun to his head and his finger on the trigger, Freddy sent out love to his family, asked forgiveness from God, and offerred one final apology: “I’m sorry.”

There hasn’t been an official confirmation, but it is being reported that he took his own life shortly after his final tweet. There are rumors that he was upset over a failed relationship with Honey Cocaine, a female rapper also associated with Tyga’s record label. Honey Cocaine reacted on Twitter, explaining how close the two were and how people need to be respectful of the situation.

See the tweets below.

  • Tuc

    No sympathy for those who kill themselves over stupid shit like this. This guy is seriously weak for doing this over a girl

  • RIBZ

    Forreal who’s this anyway.

  • http://ajcrew.tumblr.com A.J. Crew


    You’re weak as fuck for dissing someone who took their own life. You might not agree with it, but disrespecting a man who is not present on this Earth anymore is a bitch move. One day that karma will hit ya. Ol’ punk ass bish.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jeevens Jeremy

    As was said, if you read the tweets, there were other things going on in his life.
    It’s not for anyone to judge, least of all someone who didn’t know him.

  • Jason

    There is nothing in this world worth TAKING your life over. It’s to much help out here if you have problems especially when you can afford the help! And if it was over a female, it’s definitely to many hoes out here don’t let no 1 bitch bring you down!!!! First love or not. Shit on 2 the next! My prayers go out to his family though.

  • Tuc

    @A.J. Ok so if I say the Newtown shooter is an asshole does that make me a dick too? Shut the fuck up. Anyone who publicizes their own death probably deserves it and in killing themselves they’re placing unwarranted guilt on everyone that was involved. Fred E should have handled it like a man

  • Dan

    This is ridiculous. RIP and all but something as personal as suicide shouldn’t be tweeted…*puts finger around trigger*? It just seems…attention hungry. I think he acted rash and those who are truly depressed don’t reach out and fucking tweet about it. The only way this could have been more inappropriate is if Freddy put a hashtag ‘goodbye’ at the end.

  • SK

    Damn too much hate in here. Listen to more Lil B, real life lessons in there.

    @Tuc: You probably deserve dick in your asshole.

    RIP Freddy E and my condolences to your family.

  • josh

    Even if you can’t agree with him taking his own life, at least be fucking respectful. Not everyone deals with pain as easily as others.

  • J Garcia

    why were all his followers retweeting his tweets instead they should of reached out to somebody in his camp to help him.

  • Takeyla

    someone took their life and it shouldnt be tooken lightly and you have no idea what this man may have been going through sure social media says its over a girl but you never know and this really makes me said

  • Red

    @Takeyla of course it makes you sad, it’s disturbing. Why would anyone publicize their suicide in this way and treat real life like it’s a lifetime movie or something>> *puts finger around trigger* Attention is the only thing that comes to mind. People do need to realize though that no official statements have been made from any police or any other refutable source. It’s possible this is all a hoax

  • SK

    The Seattle Police have reported that he died of self inflicted gunshot wounds.

    Once again RIP

  • angel baby

    @tuc your just as weak as him first of all I am pretty sure it wasn’t just over a female, Honey cocaine said he was dealing with a lot. 2nd what if that was your brother, cousin, son, or anyone close to you are they still a bitch? Who talks bad about someonesomeone who can’t defend themself ? another bitch…

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