Rihanna ft. Theophilus London – “Jump (Club Cheval Remix)”


Sometimes it seems like Theophilus London is so busy hanging with famous/cool/cool and famous people and traveling the world that he doesn’t focus on music. But all that travelling and networking pays off, and it makes Theophilus one of the most in-the-know, forward-thinking guys in the industry. He gets style, he gets aesthetics, and he understands how to be on the cutting edge. With his latest remix, he takes on Rihanna’s “Jump” with the help of French producer Club Chevel. Any rapper can do a RiRi remix, but not many could pull of one quite like this.

Theophilus is currently in Paris working on a new album, which is set to drop this year.

(Miss Info)


    “He gets style, he gets aesthetics”

    10.0 just the kind of reasoned articulate writing we expect from the best music blog evr A++ how can you be an artist without getting aesthetics how can you be a rapper without doing a blogbait rihanna remix c’mon SON perfect reasoning perfect rationale beautiful beautiful beautiful

  • Confusion

    CMON SON plenty of rappers have no concept of a unique style. They are called struggle rappers and they are prevalent on the internet and they know all the blogbait tactics and they try them all every week and they end up getting posted on the same 20 hip-hop blogs every week and readers wonder, “Why do we care?” but struggle rappers always get their friends to leave comments and share the posts so it always looks like at least some people care. Theophilus London is not one of those artists and if this really was a “blogbait” remix he probably wouldn’t have done it with a relatively unknown French producer.


    is Theophilus London’s unique style “being ASAP Rocky before ASAP Rocky but doing it worse” because that’s what it sounds like. I would say that I cant believe you’re cosigning this but I can believe you’re cosigning this because you also blog about big baby ghandi and that dude sucks

  • Confusion

    You still say C’MON SON in the comments section when bloggers post rap you don’t like. You’re probably a big Slaughterhouse fan.


    Slaughterhouse is trash. I listen to pigfuck pretty much exclusively

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