Should Dead Artists Have Facebook Pages?


Should dead artists have Facebook pages? For that matter, should any dead people exist in the world of social media? Is it wrong for record labels to use social media accounts of deceased artists to promote material and keep up sales? What about when it's run by family members to raise awareness and keep the legacies alive?

For some, there seems to be something unnatural and unsettling about the idea of creating Facebook pages for dead people. In a lot of ways, our social media accounts have come to be an extension of our own voices. While we hope that our voice echoes on after our deaths in some ways, do we want someone operating on our behalf through daily updates and inspirational quotes?

For personal users, Facebook offers an option for a "memorial page," which will make the page of the deceased private, available only to friends and family and hidden from searches. But when the person is a public figure, things get a little more complicated.

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