Solange Knowles Speaks Out Against Cultural Tourism in Music Blogging


More than ever before, we’ve got a lot of voices speaking on music, and Solange isn’t happy with some of them. She hopped on Twitter to speak her mind on some of the things going on in music blogging right now and dish out a couple pointers. For starters, don’t judge R&B unless you know deep album cuts by Brandy.

  • Hugh Isaacs II

    Pitchforks review of Childish Gambino and Mac Millers albums come to mind.

  • ramzy

    i agree w/ everything she said except the brandy shit.

  • Chris

    I actually agree with the Brandy line. I think she was saying, if you don’t know some obscure ass song on a Brandy CD then you haven’t dug deep enough into R&B to know where it has been, where it is now, and where it might be going in the future. If the artist is a big R&B fan and listened to so much crap and lifted an idea from a weird song on Brandy’s album that even Brandy fans never listened to b/c it was weird then the writers should have an idea that this artist didn’t create something new but took an idea bubbling in the background of the genre, polished it and added something to make it work.

  • KarmaPolice

    Brandy is one of the most influential, yet underrated contemporary R&B artist of her generation. Solange is just saying if you’re not familiar with Brandy’s stellar, more experimental album cuts (early 00s work with Timbaland and Darkchild) then you may not have the cultural perspective to “grade” the present “R&B movement” that take cues not only from the legends of the genre, but also influential veterans like Musiq, Brandy, E. Badu, Aaliyah, Raphael Saadiq etc.

  • ralfie

    u all r my biches now

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