The 10 Best Hudson Mohawke Productions


By Brendan Klinkenberg & Constant Gardner

For people who have been following electronic music, especially the hip-hop-indebted scenes of the more beat-driven dance music, Hudson Mohawke is a household name. The producer has been at it for years now, displaying a unique attention to detail melded with compulsive creativity. Along with Rustie, the Scottish producer has created a lane for himself in the dance music scene that is slowly threatening to break through to a more mainstream audience.

Last week, Mohawke signed with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label in a move that, coupled with last year's exploits with Lunice as TNGHT, is certain to have a lot more people watching the young beatsmith for the next few years. We're certain he's set to do great things, and wanted to show the standouts from his already formidable catalog for anyone wondering why the name Hudson Mohawke is at the tip of everyone's tongue.

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  • Shraf

    Where can i find that 2006 tape?? Its on but there’s no download or buy links that work anywhere

  • nic

    Since I got the TNGHT EP I started to backtrack with Hudson Mohawke and Lunice remixes working toward their original work and this definitely helped me along the way. Thanks P&P

  • tyler

    Decent list, but no “Furnace Loop”?? On the JPN version of Satin Panthers.

    I was going to mention “Spotted” as that was one of the earliest bangers (06/07), but i’ll let that one slide as that was officially recorded under HERALDS OF CHANGE, but was done by Hudmo himself.

    BUT, I you need to add the Jamie Woon “Lady Luck” (Hudson Mohawke’s Schmink Wolf Re-fix) as that was another rager.

  • Steve Cisowski

    You forgot Azealia Banks’ “Jumanji!”

  • TeoneSofle

    I am impressed with this list. I am a huge Hudmo fan & this list contains excellent songs I had not come across.

  • NERJ

    These are maybe his most conventional productions, but they are far from his best. Velvet Peel, Overnight, Just Decided, Joy Fantastic, Rising 5, Gluetooth, should all be on the list.

  • Julius

    What about the White Noise Remix or Pleasure?

  • WRXSTi2009

    I think every remix or song he does is great. It takes great skill, but when i first bought Butter, it was utterly amazing, i shared it with my mates they loved the style and uniqueness of it. Then i bought Satin Panthers.. Even better, I think Thank You should have been on this list. The badass snare with the bass.. Reason why I’m a Hudson Mohawke Fan!

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