The 10 Best M83 Remixes


Trying to nail down M83's sound to one description would be confining it to something less than what it truly is. From the remarkably simple to the beautifully complex, Anthony Gonzalez and his band create a magnificent depth that leaves plenty of room for exploration. Taking on an M83 remix is a daunting task, but there's a lot to work with, and if done right, it can lead to excellent results. Here are the 10 best M83 remixes.

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  • Michael

    Finally someone compiled a truncated list for me to enjoy. So many remixes out there, such little time

  • josh

    Also – Reunion (The Naked and Famous Remix) – just incredible

  • Paul Smith

    The Maps Remix is my favorite version of Steve McQueen. I even like it better than the original (don’t tell Anthony I said that!). I especially like how it builds up to the 6:05 mark. Outro and Wait are still my favorites on the album, though…

  • JayyOhh

    God damn… All of these Midnight City remixes. I can’t believe Sasha’s Invol2ver remix of Couleurs wasn’t on that list. That’s where it’s at.

  • Grogg

    Check out this one from usLights. It’s quite an interesting spin on Teen Angst, one of M83’s older tracks.

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