The 15 Best Songs About Serial Killers


The term "serial killer" may only have passed into common use in the 1970s, but the notion of the lurking killer, the demon haunting alleys and highways, has captivated and terrified the popular consciousness for far longer, since the likes of Jack the Ripper hijacked headlines and the streets of London. With complex, mercurial psychologies, troubled pasts, and motives worth investigating with equal parts empathy and repulsion, serial killers make natural acquaintances to song writers seeking fertile, powerful ground for new ideas. Unsurprisingly, remarkable, poignant songs have arisen from the exploits of some of the world's most frightening, troubled inhabitants. Check out the 15 best songs about serial killers.

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  • Nowogiloff

    And you have no Necro’s shit innit

  • Jake Isham

    Check out this track!! Its about Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

  • JuanMa88

    “Cerial Killer” by Method Man and Redman from the Blackout album could of maybe made this list.

  • dope

    “Skinned” by Blind Melon

  • Joe

    Deer tick- clownin around

  • Joe

    Deer tick- clownin around

  • Lamar

    Soulfly – El Comegente
    Mudvayne – Nothing To Gein

  • Grackle

    Elliot Smith Son of Sam. That has to be better than Sufjan Stevens’ song.

  • Grackle

    Elliot Smith Son of Sam. That has to be better than Sufjan Stevens’ song.

  • arrow2010

    “Raider II” by Steven Wilson.

  • Deevy

    Check out this serial killer song and video by Cody.

  • Mark Mills

    Umm, screaming lord sutch – jack the ripper
    Leftöver crack – rock the 40 oz

  • graham veitch

    Slayer – Dead skin mask (ed gein)

  • Kyle

    Choklit Factory- Marilyn Manson

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