The 20 Sexiest Guitars of All Time


Toward the middle of Cameron Crowe's ode to the rock and roll decadence, stardom, and decay, Almost Famous, Jason Lee (playing a lead singer with an inferiority complex) confronts Billy Crudup (playing a guitarist who famously refers to himself as "a golden god") for the band's new t-shirts, which prominently feature the guitarist and downplay the presence of the band's other members. Though music history is dotted with more than its share of famous lead singers (and even a handful or two of famed bassists and drummers), the guitarist has often captured the collective imagination of listeners as epicenter of the band universe, often a leader guiding a group's sound and aesthetic.

It seems only fitting then to celebrate the guitarist's weapon of choice, the guitar. To journey through 20 of the sexiest guitars in existence, we enlisted the help of Howie Statland, the owner of New York's Rivington Guitars and historian on the subject of the ax that built rock and roll.

Check out the 20 sexiest guitars of all time.

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  • xoskltl

    No White Falcon? This list is irrelevant.

  • Eric

    What about the Gittler Guitar!?

  • Jeigh Neither

    Stupid list. Lame, Lame, Lame. No Explorers? Get a clue.

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