The Best EDM of the Week


By @khal

It’s funny; there’s so much music that comes out every week, and at times a lot of it isn’t good. Not to say that the life of a blogger is hard times, but it’s just amusing how the good music will seem to dry up, then the next day you have a crapload of tracks that are all firing. And that’s just talking about the whole of music in general... try pairing that down strictly to EDM and you can see where we have some issues.

That said, that new Disclosure track dropped and stayed with us all week. And looking over the last seven days, we have to say: we had some great moments within the scene. No cookies cut here, just pure, banging examples of a vibrant week in the life of EDM.

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  • Kenneth

    Is Captain murphy/Fly lotus affiliated or is hucci? Wouldnt be surprised. and would make sense with the video?

    Any clue confusion?

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