The Laughs, Chuckles, and Cackles of 18 Musicians


One thing I realized once after watching Danny Brown's crowing laughter is that if you're ever in a bad mood, just watching other people crack up can make you feel better. It's a fun way to trick your brain into making you feel happy even though you are really miserable! Here are some of our favorite and least favorite musicians and their funny, silly, crazy laughs.


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  • Asilves

    The fact that you made this article and Jadakiss is not in it is fucking sickening… go kill yourselves

  • Ash

    Asilves sounds unhappy with his life

  • Beyond The Bits

    Danny Brown has the best laugh by far. It’s like a black Beavis and I don’t say that to be disrespectful; Danny is the man.

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