The Strokes – “One Way Trigger”


We reported a short while ago that The Strokes will be releasing an album later on this year. Well, here’s what may possibly be our first taste of one the most highly anticipated albums of 2013. The band shared “One Way Trigger” via their website, and while there’s no definite confirmation regarding whether or not this will appear on their pending record, who’s going to complain about new Strokes material? Note that this isn’t the same song that Seattle radio station 107.7 The End got to preview, meaning that there will be more new songs coming our way. Listen to the track below and download it over at The Strokes’ website.


  • Devin Middleton

    maybe its b/c im a super fan, but I love this song for some odd reason. Although I feel like this will upset a large majority of fans who want that classic strokes sound.

  • RRA

    Horrible,They Can Do Better

  • frans

    “One Way Trigger” sounds more like Julian Casablancas than The Strokes.

    I got tired of the synths so I made a more down to earth version:

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