10 Awesome Bands With Terrible Names


By Caitlin White

In the modern world, naming a band can be a difficult process. Sometimes it feels like all the good names are taken, sometimes it feels like everything sounds ironic, sometimes it feels like a really important decision that people will judge your music by so why not just say fuck it and choose a totally random word to represent your deepest passion? There's been a rash of band names lately though that don't really draw the listener to the music, rather, it seems like they're purposefully made to turn people off. Sadly, music journalists have to scan through so many pitches and Soundcloud streams and emails that having a bad band name might be prohibiting some bands from getting attention.

But, is this trend really that new? Although there might be a larger acceptance of unconventional band names in the brave new era of 2013, the tongue-in-cheek process of naming a band has always been a difficult line to walk. Here's ten bands that have terrible names but that make awesome music. After all, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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  • Batmayne

    the All Dogs Go To Heaven and Twilight fan fiction ones had me dying.

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