10 GIFs of 2 Chainz Dancing Like He’s Caught in Spiderwebs


By Lori Trigonis

Dance crazes commonly occur among humans, as does arachnophobia, but even worse than either of these is that overwhelming feeling of walking into a spider web. You know the moment, you're just wandering along and suddenly all these tiny gauze strands are covering your body with creepy-crawly sensations. Although your first urge might be to wipe off the offending spider pathways, several intense weeks of research have shown that the illustrious rapper 2 Chainz has a different and more effective strategy. After Tracy Morgan first broached the subject on twitter, it has become increasingly apparent that Mr. Epps is plagued by recurring run-ins with spider webs, but his response is simply to dance through them.

Here's a brief look at the most compelling moments when Tity Chainz danced through spiderwebs. Seriously, this could be the next "Harlem Shake" in a few days.

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