10 Los Angeles Bands You Should Know


We've taken a look at the music from South Africa and New Zealand, and for this round of Bands You Should Know, we head back to the United States and have @JennsDrunk, our Los Angeles representative, put us on to 10 up-and-coming bands from her hometown, which happens to be one of the most important places in the world for the music industry. The city has a long history of cutting edge culture and style, and it shapes the sound of many West Coast bands today, if even in the most subtle ways. We've seen plenty of L.A. acts break from indie to mainstream, and there will most certainly be many more, so keep an ear out for L.A. and check out 10 Los Angeles Bands You Should Know.

By @JennsDrunk

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  • Batmayne

    Dark Furs is another ill band from LA.

    I really like Wildcat! Wildcat! and Wardell.

  • http://mostlyjunkfood.com jamarcus garvey

    jenn’s drunk is such a treasure

  • Dear You,

    No mention of Touche Amore?

  • luc

    Time To Run is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time thnx!

  • http://thekidswon'tknow.tumblr.com ChloĆ©

    +1 for Touche Amore

  • Kay Randolph

    this list needs some help from somebody actually in LA

  • Confusion

    This list was made by somebody actually in LA

  • Abe Risner

    Dear Boy is a great local LA band as well, ust seen them at the Troubador in West Hollywood and they are awesome, give em a listen if you want. here is a link to their new single . http://youtu.be/eAp4QOzm6rA?list=UUI6HJij-KtiEZqYi8gfttrw

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