15 Artists Frank Ocean Should Collaborate With


Lianne La Havas

There is an old soul within Frank Ocean, and it's part of what makes us all want to be on his side. He is young but wise, and so sharply self-aware that every word he says feels well-considered and important. There is a look in his eyes and a shake in his voice that adds even more weight, and all of these things make listening to Frank Ocean's music a consuming experience. But for his next album, Frank is going to Bora Bora to record and describes the theme as a continuation of the beach scene from channel ORANGE's "Golden Girl." This kind of theme could use a lightheartedness, and that is something Lianne La Havas can deliver. Soulful and intelligent, Lianne sounds like she sings through a smile. Her presence on a Frank Ocean song would bring an element often missing from Frank's music, and a beachy Ocean x La Havas track could be a beautiful thing.