Bad News if You Illegally Download Music: The Copyright Alert System is Here


Today, the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) launched the controversial Copyright Alert System. The CCI calls the system a “groundbreaking and collaborative effort to curb online piracy and promote the lawful use of digital music, movies and TV shows.”

The idea is that content owners (major labels, Hollywood) will monitor file sharing sites for infringement, and when they catch it they’ll notify your internet service provider, who will send you an alert. After a series of warnings, your service provide can slow down your connection or block your service completely. AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon are all on board with the system.

Watch a video on the Copyright Alert System above.


  • Jumi

    Suits and ties know as much about the internet as I do about W-2 forms and stimulus packages.

  • cocaine cowboy

    Use proxies. I suggest HotSpot Shield (google it). It hides you IP address so your internet service provider can’t track you. You’re welcome!

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Or don’t use torrents.

  • brains4zombies

    VPN clients are the best. Couple bucks a month and you’re completely hidden. Proxies aren’t very reliable. Check this out:

  • jamarcus garvey


  • Lol.

    This reminded I still needed to download some more music, brb.

  • Download free mp3 songs

    It nice information about copy rights…I think copy right should be allow for all things to remove piracy for internet.

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