Cartoon Twitter Accounts Of Big Sean, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar And More


Just when we thought Twitter couldn't get any weirder than those ridiculous celebrity parody accounts, we find these gems. Thanks to a heads up from a reader (shout out @EthanScoots), we were introduced to the world of Dolan comics, an odd Goofy and Donald Duck cartoon meme. While those have been popular on the Internet for a while (the Dolan Twitter account has upwards of 134,000 followers), these musician Dolan-style Twitters accounts are relatively new. Yet by the looks of their ever-increasing follower count, they just may be on track to join the original Dolan comic in Internet Meme Hall of Fame. From Kendrick Lamar and Drake to Chief Keef and Jay-Z, check out these hilariously bizarre accounts.

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  • PancakeMcKennz

    You should go check out the Necki Menij show on YouTube. It’s based off of Dolan comics and they did the whole “I Am Your Leader” song in this style. It is Hi-larious.

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