Chance the Rapper – “Acid Rain”


With the release date for his Acid Rap mixtape still slated for what feels like the distant future (also known as “April”), Chance the Rapper drops of the latest single from the project, “Acid Rain.” Over a mournful, insistent Jake One beat (reminiscent of old Outkast and mid-2000s-Outkast-influenced Cunninlynguists), Chance waxes poetic, philosophical, and introspective, casting choruses and, occasionally, rhyme structures to the side. It’s as good an argument for his promise as both a rapper and a compelling personality to date, a show of technique that proves you don’t have to dazzle with verbal backflips. Control and purpose are as much signs of the great technician as pyrotechnics.

Check out “Acid Rain” below.

  • Filmsteady

    dude got that Shady flow

  • jamarcus garvey


  • SteadyArmed

    Chance has been on his shit, really looking forward to Acid Rain after hearing this and Juice.

  • Confusion

    Same. He’s got so much potential

  • l0ft

    reminds me of Eminem’s “If I Had” …slightly different content, but similar intimations

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