Classic Album Covers Reinterpreted With Kittens


The Internet strikes again.

It’s no secret that we here at P&P love animals. We talk about them a fair amount in our posts, and eventually P&P will have a sister blog about animals. Any aspiring animal bloggers out there? Hit us up. Now, we also understand that you probably spend a whole lot of time on the Internet looking up videos of animals doing stupid things or reading up on that giant squid. So to save you some time, we’ve compiled some album covers reinterpreted by kittens, courtesy of the brilliant tumblr The Kitten Covers.


  • khal

    black sabbath’s paranoid FTW

  • OC

    midnight marauders!!!!

  • Dfama

    so unbelievably amazing

  • Nathan of Rate Every Animal

    “eventually P&P will have a sister blog about animals. Any aspiring animal bloggers out there? Hit us up.”

    This is a joke, right? We animal bloggers are a sensitive people; it’s cruel to toy with our emotions like this.

  • Confusion

    This is no joke.

    I talk about an animal blog at least once a day. I have pitched the idea to multiple people. I am desperately trying to make this happen.

    I imagine it as a fun, light blog with the occasional deep, informative article. You know, cute puppies, cat fails, silly llamas, stuff like that. But then like every couple weeks we’ll be like, “Hey, we sent a guy to the jungle to study the mating rituals of many rare animals.”

    People will be like, “DAMN, this P&P sister animal blog is no joke.”

    Also, we’ll have a recurring feature on pictures of different animals mating. Classic.

    Also some gorillas/chimps are learning to use interesting technology and I think we could partner with a zoo and coordinate a bi-weekly guest blog from a primate.

  • Nathan of Rate Every Animal

    That’s terrific. Another reason to love Con & the P&P crew.

    If you need any silly nonsense features filled with lies on your animal blog, I’m your man.

  • CesR

    Cats are nice and fuzzy and all, but don’t forget about the pigeons!

  • Tha Man

    The Midnight Marauders one is my favorite

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