Confessions of Music Bloggers


As music bloggers, we have to be careful of what we say. We are open and honest about our thoughts, but there are certain things that we avoid. We have our guilty pleasures, our unpopular opinions, and our disgruntled music blogger mentalities, and sometimes it's best to just keep our mouths shut. But bottling things up just leads to explosion, and here is that explosion. Here are the confessions of music bloggers.

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  • Jumi

    Guilty pleasures?! My Chemical Romance, Motion City Soundtrack and (especially) Fall Out Boy are the shit!

  • Jon Tanners

    Love you, Jumi.

  • Jumi

    Love you too, nigga.

  • Batmayne

    I feel you Monster.

  • Chris

    I respect all of this list. I can’t get on board with the t-swift part tho haha. Great article

  • jkh

    This is a great post. Also to Joyce, Get Low is the shit.

  • Monster

    I feel you too @Batmayne.

  • Joyce

    I’ll meet you on the dance floor, @jkh

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Hey, Joyce, would you say that when you’re drunk, the club can’t even handle you? haha

  • jamarcus garvey

    i love you

  • Joyce

    Damn you, @PancakeMcKennz. But yes, yes I would say that.

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