Copycat Spotify Account Floods Internet With Hilarious Drake, Lil Wayne, and Adele Covers


The life of a cover artist is hard: even if you're incredibly talented, your rendition will never really live up to the actual song. Sure there are understandably some exceptions to this rule, but more often than not it's a far cry from the original version. And then, there are tributes like these. A Tributer is a group (band? solo artists? We honestly have no idea) that have covered essentially every popular song from the last few years. Except their versions are so horrible and so bizarre that they're actually hilarious. So while it seems like an impossible task to narrow down their library to the very worst songs, we managed to pick out the 20 most ridiculous, terrible and downright weird covers they've recorded. You can thank us later.

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  • the_dfama

    The Monster cover had my dying. After the initial scream, it only gets better, and by better, I mean worse.

  • Kelsey

    None of these are bad. Some are a little funny but they’re still decent.

  • Jumi

    “Have you ever had sex with a pharaoOOOOOOH…iu…put the pussy in a sarcophagus”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it sounds like a 27 year old guy trying to record hastily before his mom gets back from the grocery store HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Jumi

    “yaaay” (x 678) – “(Inexplicably Censored) Ni**as In Paris Tribute”

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