Justin Bieber Says The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney “Should Be Slapped Around”


After the Grammys, TMZ asked Patrick Carney of The Black Keys whether or not he felt that Justin Bieber should have been nominated for an award. The always outspoken Carney responded, “He’s rich right?… Grammys are for music, not for money, and he’s making a lot of money. I don’t know. He should be happy, I guess.” Watch the brief interview above.

Bieber apparently didn’t take Carney’s words very well. He fired back on Twitter with the simple but effective:

The Black Keys took home three Grammys this year: Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album.


  • http://www.dregime.com Jumi

    Therefore solidifying my dislike of The Black Keys.

  • Myself

    what he said^

    i lose respect for people who hate on Bieber or Lil B. it’s just so stereotypical.

  • Craig

    If anything, I like the Black Keys even more now, sure they hate on my Canadian “talent” (Nickleback now Bieber) but its not like he’s wrong…

  • Rob

    Why are people hating on the black keys? Patrick is right , fuck bieber who cares lol

  • http://charliekubal.com charlie

    the black keys drummer looks like a dead ringer for a younger woody allen

  • Rad

    The Grammys were meant for musical talent appreciation and diversity not to be propagated to award pop stars for album sales. Sales correlate to consumer likability not actual music talent. if this were the case the best musicians would be pop stars not people who have their voices mastered to fit a mold to create revenue. Just think and understand the logic peeps without your bias opinions towards pop stars you admire or love

  • Batmayne

    what he said^

  • AWSM

    Rad speaks the truth!

  • Lol.

    People who hate on Bieber and Lil B are so stereotypical? If you seriously think hating on Lil B is wrong you’re just another mindless troll like he is, he’s funny, thats about it. Bieber has some sort of talent at least but he’s a Music Perfomer, Not a Music Artist, clear difference between the two. That and he should be the last person saying someone needs to be slapped around, he’s a skinny pretty boy white kid from canada at least be who you are and stop acting tough I cant take him seriously. Everything Rad said was a more correct way of looking at the situation.

  • http://www.dregime.com Jumi

    I almost got upset about music snobbery on an indie music blog. Can you imagine?

  • Jason

    Yeah he’s got kind of a smug demeanor, but, like Craig said, “he’s not wrong”. The Grammys are mostly a joke anyway. Anyone happen to notice that FloRida was nominated for something or other?

  • Jason

    Gawd I would love to see that twerp get bitchslapped

  • T

    I don’t get why people are too upset. Patrick seemed to just be grasping for something to say with all that craziness around him. But it didn’t sound that malicious, it was just his honest opinion.

  • http://joshrichraps..com Josh Rich RapsOfficial

    That sucks because I like the Black Keys. But he totally came at Biebs hipster style. I don’t like that.

  • Name Mcnamertin

    Bieber doesn’t write or produce his own music. His voice gets fed through machine after machine to remove any imperfections. He is just the face of a big marketing ploy by a record label.

    I love that people here are saying its a sterotype to hate on him. Its a sterotype because so many people do it. Why do so many people do it? Because he sucks. Its not like everyone got together arbitrarily and said “Hey fuck this kid, no reason, but fuck this kid.”

    If you dislike a band that writes its own music, plays their own instruments, and tours without backup dancers because they are lukewarm on a teen pop star, then i dont know what to tell you. Enjoy Teen Mom and Hot Topic, you suck.

  • Komadose

    Justin Beiber doesnt make music he only performs it. So he rightfully wasnt nominated for anything.

    While I find the Black Keys arrogant and elitist, he’s right. Justin Beiber doesnt deserve nomination.

  • Uh

    “came at Biebs hipster style”
    What hipster style?

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