Kwabs – “Spirit Fade”


A couple of hours ago, we didn’t know who Kwabs was. Thanks to Jessie Ware (and Deirdre), we do now, and it doesn’t take long for an artist like this to make an impact.

Jessie shared the fellow Londoner’s new song “Spirit Fade” on Facebook, saying, “Wonderful voice and production by my perfect producer Dave Okumu x.” Kwabs has a powerful delivery that sounds like it comes from somewhere in the bottom of his neck, like he’s accessing some extra pit of his voice box that most humans can’t control. You know that chilling moment ┬áin “Retrograde” when James Blake sings “We’re alone now” for the first time? Kwabs has about 10 of those moments in “Spirit Fade.”

Watch Kwabs cover Blake’s “The Wilhelm Scream” below:

  • A-drego

    This is legit bruh. Dudes def tapped into the “We’re alone now” octave. Thanks for the introduction.

  • Jumi

    So fucking good. Woah.

  • Age 20

    Ever since Jessie posted that, I’ve been trying to remember where i’ve seen him before.

    Kwabena Adjepong.

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