Listen to Azealia Banks Rap Over Baauer’s “Harlem Shake”


Minimize that window with the “Harlem Shake” video and pay attention to this for a couple of seconds. We understand; the viral trend has become an obsession. I mean, look at these. It’s difficult to contain the LOLs while watching them. Apparently Azealia Banks picked up the “Harlem Shake” fever, too, but sadly, it’s not a video of the Harlem native, erm… shaking. Banks spits over Baauer‘s wild beat for a remix, and it works surprisingly well. Keep your fingers crossed for an Azealia Banks “Harlem Shake” video. Listen to the remix below.


  • guesstwho

    on it

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Very good. But yeah, I wouldn’t mind a video of that chocolate shake.

  • Malik Flint

    this got me hype! she’s perfect on this.

  • The AllMighty

    Even God is in on the Harlem Shake fever.

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