Shlohmo ft. How to Dress Well – “Don’t Say No”

shlohmo how to dress well Shlohmo ft. How to Dress Well   Dont Say No

Blogosphere favorites Shlohmo and How to Dress Well have combined forces on “Don’t Say No.” I’m a bit surprised I didn’t hear the sound of the internet exploding when this one hit Soundcloud.

It is, by and large, precisely what you’d expect, with Shlohmo bringing the murky-sexy-soul atmosphere and Tom Krell packing the aching and, by the end, soaring nu-R&B vocals. The track’s slow build, subtly shifting instrumentation, and quietly blistering outro feel like steps forward for both parties, however, a potential sum greater than the whole of the parts situation spurred on by the union of mostly-formed talents still finding room for the growth and polish that collaboration can promote.

Shlohmo’s Laid Out EP comes out 3/4. Check out “Don’t Say No” below.