The 10 Best Nina Simone Covers


In celebration of what would have been Nina Simone's 80th birthday, we have collected ten of the best times another band successfully covered one of the soul icon's songs. The artists inspired to give their own take on her songs are as diverse as pop-rock band Muse, folk and blues legend Levon Helm, and even relative newcomer Australian pop singer Kimbra. The impact of Simone's vocal style and song renditions on music and culture as a whole is undeniable.

Aside from her impact on the soul and blues genre, her contributions to the Civil Rights movement -- whether it be in powerful anthems or merely through her distinctive personality -- are immeasurable. It's inspiring to consider that many of our current R&B idols like John Legend were deeply inspired by the steps she took to make America a better place to live and to make music that always moved people down to the bottom of their souls. Happy Birthday Nina.

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