The 15 Best Duos in Indie Music Right Now


Duos in music are nothing new, but it seems like indie duos are having a moment right now. Some of the best music out there is coming from groups with two core members, and while they may go on tour with full bands or collaborate with producers and musicians to fully form their sound, its the magical combination of two creative forces that make these acts what they are.

It's all about balance, like the classic and timeless PB&J. The sweetness from the jelly is cut down by the earthiness of the peanut butter and together, they make for one damn fine sandwich without the need for anything else. The same idea is true of a handful of great duos in the world of indie music today. On top of divying up the instruments, there often seems to be a perfect balance between the two members, creating music that reflects their cooperative creativity.

Here are the 15 Best Duos in Indie Music Right Now.

By Matthew Ceryanec, Jon Tanners, Joyce Ng, and Constant Gardner

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  • Jbxnes

    What about macklemore and ryan lewis ya bish

  • Jbxnes


  • Jbxnes


  • Kameron

    New Look!

  • based

    i would also add best coast

  • Age 20

    @Kameron Hell yeah!, New Look is underlooked. They’re in need of a name change though, a google search doesn’t do them justice.

  • Chase

    I’d throw in Foxygen and Tame Impala as well

  • Batmayne

    Evy Jane

  • patches ohoulihan

    Tegan and Sara? Or are you upset with them making a pop album?

  • Confusion

    When we had 20 they were number 16.

  • RRA

    Since When Is Tame Impala A Duo

  • RRA

    Im Upset Bout The Pop Album

  • Hayley

    Big ups for the top 5 and the cover photo. Mm, Alison!

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