The 15 Worst Music Videos of the ’90s


There's something that makes the '90s so, well... '90s. They were an awkward batch of fuzzy years. It was an interesting time to grow up though, especially in terms of experiencing music. A lot of new, innovative material was released, a lot of trends passed through the ten years like revolving doors. Rock bands were changing, electronic music entered a new experimented era and hip-hop was blossoming into a full-fledged monstrous genre. However, for all of the great 90's music, there was seemingly an equal amount of very bad music. Along with this bad music came even worse music videos. In tribute to the '90s we've collected the fifteen worst music videos that revel in the hilarity inherent to our generation's childhood decade. Come walk through the nostalgia with us, maybe bring your middle school yearbook for good measure.

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