Video: Lianne La Havas – “Elusive”


Lianne La Havas will be releasing two videos today, to accompany singles “Elusive” (premiered by Noisey) and “Gone” (which will appear later on Essence), and together they tell a story, the first part of which you can enjoy now. Both videos were directed by Colin Solal Cardo of La Blogotheque, who had the following to say about the collaboration:

“I’ve been collaborating with Lianne for more than a year now, but working on this project felt like something completely new. Lianne’s a brilliant storyteller, there’s a true cinematic quality to her songs. When you listen to them, you go through all these emotions and narratives, like a collection of short movies. We felt like it was finally time to build a world around these songs, give life to these love stories and let Lianne actually become these characters. Be it a candid young girl falling in love, or a heartbroken femme fatale in the middle of the woods. I feel fortunate for the trust relationship I have with Lianne, it’s something any music video director has to cherish because it’s rare and precious. Ultimately, that’s what allows an ambitious project like this one to exist.”

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