Watch What May Be the Strangest Music Video We’ve Seen This Year, So Far


No foreplay, let’s get to the action.

In DJ HVAD‘s blissfully bizarre video for “Handwork Pandit,” you will see:

  • A comb become a magic wand
  • A man capable of using said comb-wand and playing the violin at the same time because he has four arms
  • That man turning into a second man with a gong
  • A lot of lights
  • A tasteful leopard print chair
  • A lot more lights
  • DJ HVAD turning into a giant beam of rotating light and a number of liquified holographic moving versions of himself
  • A hypnotic swirling light
  • The end of time
At least I think those are the things I think I saw. Watch the video. Tell us what you saw…


  • offbeat

    “blissfully bizarre”

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Is this what dying during a drug-induced one-night-stand with a yoga instructor feels like?

  • jamarcus garvey

    i feel like i have food sickness

  • Thvngs Blvwn

    this is some next level ish


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