10 Chopped and Screwed Songs That Never Get Old


By Briana Cheng

In the early '90s, DJ Screw created the "chopped and screwed" movement, a turntable technique where he slowed down the tempo and torqued with parts of hip-hop anthems. Toward the end of the '90s, another dude created his own brand of that and called it "chopped not slopped." This guy's name is Ronald Coleman, aka OG Ron C, and he's still going strong. He recently worked with 2 Chainz and released a chopped not slopped rework of Based on a T.R.U. Story and no, this wasn't a free mixtape—2 Chainz's major label, Def Jam, put it up on iTunes. Now, you can pay $12 for a slower, sedate version of Tity Boi tracks from "Birthday Song" to "I Luv Dem Strippers."

While chopped and screwed sometimes gets dismissed as a phase specific to a time and place, it's still making an impact on popular hip-hop even decades later, and it's not just exclusive to Houston anymore. Here are ten chopped and screwed songs that never get old.

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  • beigbeig

    gr8 post

  • febo

    No Slim K?

  • joe

    So stupid and a huge lack of talent.

  • SuperD

    Cool post but as I Houstonian I must say that there is a lot missing…

    Here some h-town classics that will never get old…

    DJ Screw: Still Pimpin’ Pens (Lil’ Keke)
    DJ Screw- LIL Troy – Wanna Be A baller
    DJ Screw – UGK – Front Back Side to SIde
    Dj Screw – Fat Pat – Tops Drop
    Dj Screw – Youngstar – knocking pictures of the wall
    Dj Screw – Z-Ro – Look what you did to me
    SPM – Hillwood Hustlaz (Screwed and Chopped)
    Swishahouse – Northside 11- Haters keep askin freestyle
    Swishahouse -Swisha 2k1- Get off tha corner freestyle
    Swishahouse – Drank up in my cup freestyle
    Da Freestyle King – Lil’ Flip

  • LW

    Love seeing the south represented, too much good music happening in Htown

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/slideshowtelevision Clay Davis

    rest in peace 2 Dj screw!

  • veesonic

    real talk, this was written in 2013 and yall not gonna acknowledge slim k?!

  • jose

    Paul wall sip and get high is the best I think

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