15 Songs That Make You Feel Like You’re Underwater


By @JennsDrunk & Huck Kwong

"It feels like I'm...underwater. Does that make sense?"

There are certain songs that evoke a feeling beyond “cool” or “dope” or “dude, my face is melting." This playlist is here to bring you songs that appeal to a more specific, and perhaps stranger area of our brain. If you’re looking for a playlist full of that big in-your-face drop, then move on, because we said underwater, not waterboarded.

Huck and I are back with 15 vibey tracks that will make you feel like you’re underwater... songs that take their time, and hopefully put your mind in a more peaceful, soothing place. Put on your best headphones, smoke something fun (no bath salts plz let’s be adults about this), and jump into this pool of tunes.

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