15 Songs That Make You Feel Like You’re Underwater


By @JennsDrunk & Huck Kwong

"It feels like I'm...underwater. Does that make sense?"

There are certain songs that evoke a feeling beyond “cool” or “dope” or “dude, my face is melting." This playlist is here to bring you songs that appeal to a more specific, and perhaps stranger area of our brain. If you’re looking for a playlist full of that big in-your-face drop, then move on, because we said underwater, not waterboarded.

Huck and I are back with 15 vibey tracks that will make you feel like you’re underwater... songs that take their time, and hopefully put your mind in a more peaceful, soothing place. Put on your best headphones, smoke something fun (no bath salts plz let’s be adults about this), and jump into this pool of tunes.

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  • monkey

    no Between You And Me “Lizzarddyy”?

  • UAlreadyKnow

    DJsNeverEndingStory – Floating Euphoria should be in here

  • Luca

    Anything by Blue Sky Black Death should have made the list as well. But I thought the list was very good! But whomever the author is, please listen to the NOIR album by Blue Sky Black Death because I think you would really like it!!

  • kmrnnl

    Forever Drowning by Natural Yogurt Band

  • Alltaneverything

    Uhmmmmm Deepak Choppa off of Wild Water Kingdom (obviously) lol

  • dabs

    metric – Breathing Underwater, if we are taking words literally

  • http://www.facebook.com/wjwilliams Will Williams

    The Shins – Sleeping Lessons

  • http://www.facebook.com/GilliesScott Scott Gillies

    Can’t believe you left off JT’s new track – Blue Ocean Floor. Before opening this page, i thought that song was the idea behind this list

  • josh

    Or how about Underwater by Bassnectar?

  • http://twitter.com/PharLeff ♦[PharLeff]♦

    love this list

  • MonsterD

    damn i can’t believe you didn’t do into the ocean by blue october! that’s a classic

  • G’z La Weez

    Dope Rush does the Yuna track a lil better if you ask me –> http://www.doperush.com/?p=406

  • G’z La Weez

    Ellie Goulding is so dope naturally theres a Dope Rush track with her as well –>http://www.doperush.com/?p=355

  • NinJ4ng

    the idea of this playlist is aesthetically brilliant. for those of you looking for more songs like these 15 in addition to the other ones posted about in the comments, check out:

    weird fishes/arpeggi – radiohead (being a radiohead fanatic I also love pyramid song and codex although they may not fit what you’re looking for)

    plastic beach – the gorillaz

    breathe – telepopmusik

    mirando – ratatat

    magic spells – crystal castles

    swimming pools (drank) – kendrick lamar

    echobo – anamanaguchi (if you have never heard of them or the genre chiptune check it out!!!)

    madness – muse (possibly)

    and lastly,
    anything on the album Oceania – smashing pumpkins

    hope ya find these to your liking!

  • bonkerz1oranother

    You forgot Supreme Cuts – “Ciroc Waterfalls”

  • foof

    I open my mouth to breath and felt like this was it, holy shit it worked

  • Underwater
  • coco

    knew arca would make the list… nice

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