20 Robin Thicke Fans Who Aren’t Impressed by Justin Timberlake’s Comeback


Ever since the return of Justin Timberlake, we’ve noticed a lot more people talking about Robin Thicke. With The 20/20 Experience making the rounds right now, JT is clearly on top and Robin has even said he’s a fan, but there’s a swarm of vocal Robin Thicke admirers who aren’t having it. Here are 20 RT fans who aren’t impressed with the JT comeback.

  • http://www.facebook.com/devin.middleton Devin Middleton

    i feel like these people dont remember that they said the same thing when Robin Thicke first came out. Theyre just 2 white guys who sing in the same range. The comparisons will be endless.

  • lexa

    Funny because JT was a single artist before Robin Thicke became popular so in retrospect who sounds like who?

  • Correction

    Actually you’re wrong:

    Thicke ‘s ‘A Beautiful World’ – 2003
    JT’s ‘Futuresex / lovesounds’ – 2006

  • DrTake1

    Wikipedia is you’re friend (You seemed to forget “Justified”). Both JT and RT recorded their album, released their first single, and released their solo albums with a few months of each other, so for all intents and purposes they were out at the same time, within the same year, BUT RT has been crafting his R&B/Soul sound since the mid 90s as a writer/producer with one of his earliest credits as a songwriter appearing on a Brian McKnight album in ’95, while JT was busy with the dance-pop music of NSYNC.

    The “who sounds like who” debate is silly in general. As if they are purposely going out their way to copy one another? They only sound like the culmination of their influences, and with both being big fans of R&B it’s no surprise their influences overlap. Honestly, nobody would be saying they sound the same if it weren’t for the fact that the LOOK similar (white R&B style singers, in the same age range, who like to slick their hair and dress well). It’s a superficial comparison. If people bother to really listen, they actually SOUND very different.

  • Melenie

    I don’t agree. Justified was totally different sound then Robin Thicke’s Beautiful World.

  • soph

    suit and tie is a total rip off of robin thicke! if you look at the video for robin thicke ‘sex therapy’ its like justin is trying to be robin thicke, total rip off of robin’s swag, style, everything! lameo

  • girl0032

    LOLOL. Before he became POPULAR is what she’s saying. I’m a RT fan all the way, but sweetie, JT’s Justified came out in 2002 and had a strong R&B sound. That’s why Robin was first in being accused of jacking JT’s style.

  • whyteshooz

    His initial debut LP,Cherry Blue Skies (2002), was shelved, followed by a re-vamped version with a new name – A Beautiful World (2003). Both versions of his debut included the single “When I Get You Alone,” an odd mixture of pop infused R&B with a lengthy sample of Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony,” sung by a long-haired, hippie looking Robin. It wasn’t until Evolutionthat people really began to take notice of the newly-shaven and polished Thicke, who was able to pull in big co-signs from Pharrell and Lil Wayne to give him the street credibility needed to become viable in a genre dominated by African Americans. Not to be mistaken, Thicke is an immensely talented singer, giving Justin Timberlake a run for his money in the battle to be “White Soul Brother #1.” But just as Justin needed Timbaland to make the shift from bleach-blonde boy-band pop singer, to being the first Caucasian to have a #1 song on BET’s 106&Park, Thicke needed Wayne and Pharrell to vouch for his authenticity as well. Having sold over 1.5million copies of Evolution, I’d say it worked.

  • Ariel chuc

    funny how things change when it comes to a male singer who is similar to another male singer. we all know justin copied robin, buy all pretend that is not a big deal it’s just because they’re white. sexism and racism all in one.


    Robin Thicke has been producing soul sound since the 90’s on the other hand JT was in the early dayswas with a tinny bopper boy band artist who then went solo and although his audience were girl tweens as he matured his audienced matured he ventured out in to acting , all along RT kept the same Soul Sound . JT new albums is alot like the sound RT would produce if you listen to RT new track Blurr Lines it almost has the same Key as JT bringing Sexy back , Although JT maybe have a wider audience because of his acting and singing RT has the big band Soulful sound . In my opinion RT hands down as a singer song writer. JT is more of a all around performer

  • Dashaun

    Uhh, honey… you forgot RT’s earliest work was with Brandy’s debut album back in ’94, when he was 16/17. So you are off by a year. tisk tisk tisk.

  • DrTake1

    Well, I actually did overlook that one, but, now that you mention it, it only makes my case stronger. Thanks. Although, I did say “one of” his earliest, not “the” earliest. That should afford me at little bit of leeway in that respect, right? :)

  • Qoo

    Well, I love Timberlake. Thicke disgusts me with his persona. He became popular only because of Blurred Lines which is a ridiculous song. I’m sure JT had no reason to copy from someone who isn’t even popular. Just because men wear suits doesn’t mean they are similar.

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