20 Things You Didn’t Know About Lykke Li


Lykke Li—full name: Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson—was born March 18, 1986, which makes today her 27th birthday. She's revealed a lot about herself through her two albums, Wounded Rhymes and Youth Novels, but beyond that, she's a private person. In today's age of over-sharing, it's refreshing to come across an artist who truly seems to want to focus on the art. Of course, every artist says that they focus on the art, but when Lykke Li says it, we believe it.

An old soul who claims she was "born with a broken heart," there is a maturity and wisdom about Lykke Li far deeper than the "depressing emo" descriptions she sometimes gets stuck with. She hates to be misunderstood, but when she gives interviews you get the idea that she also doesn't feel a need to explain herself.

Every now and then, though, she does give a little glimpse into her likes and dislikes, her life story, and her unique perspective. Here are 20 things you didn't know about Lykke Li.

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    No research needed for this one huh

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    All off the top

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    Black is not a colour.

  • PigsAndPlans

    I am color blind and black is like one of the only colors I really “get.” Please don’t take that away from me.

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