5 Artists Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Should Collaborate With


In the latest bit of "musician meets the masses through the internet fuckery," Consequence of Sound reports that Jeff Tweedy, the legendary heart and brain of Wilco, will be auctioning off the chance to write, produce and record a song with one lucky winner. The actual quote from the bidding site: "One 8-hour day of recording a song at the world famous Wilco Loft. Your session will be tracked by a staff engineer and overseen by Jeff Tweedy who will also help you produce and arrange your song....and maybe even play on it if you need him to! You will leave with a CD of a finished mix. Date to be determined according to schedules."

The highest bid right now is at $3,250 and the auction will end on March 12. I know the proceeds go to charity but is this really the way we want to see music trending? And when this song hits the internet won't every music blog be posting it despite the obvious amateur manner it was born through? But since we're all here anyway, let's look at the musicians we wish actually would collaborate with Tweedy.

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