Album Stream: Deptford Goth – “Life After Defo”


Deptford Goth is Daniel Woolhouse, and he’s made something beautiful with the DG debut album, Life After Defo. The world of electronic music is a place of extremes right now. From the full-blast EDM that has young bodies sweating to the gentle and bare-boned soundscapes that flicker with about as much electricity as it takes to light up a bulb, there is a lot going on at both ends of the spectrum.

Deptford Goth finds a cozy little spot in the middle of it all. With gentle vocals and smooth, metallic backdrops, Woolhouse manages to produce moody electronic music that doesn’t shove itself in your face but also never blends into the background. Stream the entire album below via Pitchfork, or check one of the standout tracks, “Union.”