Blogging At Work: A Guide to Running a Website While You’re on the Job


By Joyce, Katie K, Khal, and Monster

Chances are that even if you're a blogger, you still have job IRL in order to pay for your blogging habit. While it's fulfilling in some ways, and it allows you to express your love for music, the truth of the matter is that blogging just doesn't usually pay the bills—which forces you to find the inevitable full-time, nine to five job. Unfortunately, the music world also operates during those hours, so all those new releases (the worst ones are the surprise ones) and that time-sensitive music news will occur while you're at work.

Most jobs will place you in front of a computer, so unless all outside links are blocked, you can find ways to blog at work. Now, blogging from work is no easy task—it's an art, from not getting caught to getting the new song by Future up on your blog as soon as you can. Many of us at P&P have had to go through this, so when reader Alex Dreyer suggested that we share our expertise, we assembled some tips on how to blog from work.

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