Complex Names the 10 Hottest MCs for MTV


Everyone has an opinion about the 10 Hottest MCs list that MTV puts out annually, and this year Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever and Joe La Puma weigh in and toss out some thoughts of their own. Watch above to hear what they had to say and to see the lists of Rap Radar and Big Boy’s Neighborhood as well.

Complex’s list:

1. Jay-Z
2. Kanye West
3. Drake
4. Kendrick Lamar
5. Rick Ross
6. A$AP Rocky
7. 2 Chainz
8. Big Sean
9. Lil Wayne
10. Pusha T

  • Tony Lavrenov

    now that actually looks like a legit list

  • Mike Vill

    Everyone had someone up there that I thought made no sense. Mainly because peoples requirements are very different. I mean, B.DOT said Macklemore. Really? That Durag might be too tight on you!

  • baltazar

    Why not Macklemore? He had one of the best albums of the past year and has blown up everywhere. He’s as deserving as anyone. Not saying he had the best year but he had a better year than Pusha & Sean

  • nims

    I love jay-z and kendrick lamar both but kendrick is THE hottest in the game right now. I think a lot of artists would rather have a feat from kendrick than from jay. Jay should make top 3 tho IMO

  • Tyrone Wayne

    i agree somewhat with mtv’s list cuz they base it off who is the “most popular” basically…i disagree with most of complex’s list….and why the fuck is meek mill not up there but 2 chainz and lil wayne are!?

  • Ash

    What did Jay-Z even do in the past year

  • julz

    man fuck yo list…kendrick lamar was the hottest Mc in 2012

  • The Mad Rapper X

    nah son u a rag

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