Crossing Over: When Indie Bands Cover Gucci Mane, Kanye West, and Soulja Boy


By Caitlin White

The hip-hop community is very much based on, well, community, so sometimes when artists from other genres venture into their discographies—suspicion erupts. Is this cover genuine? Does the artist understand and respect the rich history that accompany so many of these songs?

At P&P we have equal love for all genres, and though rockers may have taken ironic stances toward covering rap, R&B, and pop songs in the past, we've curated a list of some that seem like heartfelt homages to the original artists.

From the existential questions of Soulja Boy to the heartbroken wails of Kanye West, here are examples of indie artists stepping outside their genre and doing it right.

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  • C. Mason

    I love this.

  • Jay

    Man, that jj cover is brilliant

  • harmonicait

    i agree!!

  • this is our jam

    Solid list. That Klaxons cover is the best thing ever.

    This Town Hall cover of Ja Rule & Ashanti’s “Always on Time” is also a killer folky take on the original –

  • Leigh

    Nice set, but if you haven’t heard Emily Wells’ cover of “Juicy by Biggie, you’re missing out.

  • Robin Houde

    Cocoon, Hey Ya / + Empire State of Mind

  • Greg Less

    The Embrace cover of D12 – How Come is mega

  • AceFromPH

    Thanks for the share man. This is good

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