Har Mar Superstar – “Lady, You Shot Me”



By the time Thursday rolls around, you’ve probably heard so many trap remixes, alternative takes on R&B that will spark Twitter arguments, and terrible Drake mash-ups that you’re feeling a little disillusioned with the state of current music.

Luckily, Har Mar Superstar is here with a soulful new single, and it’s fucking awesome. The title references Sam Cooke (“lady, you shot me” is what Cooke said after being fatally shot by hotel manager Bertha Franklin) and the track thrives with the brassy, unpretentious spirit of the R&B of decades past.

Bye Bye 17┬ácomes May 6 via Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records.

Download the track for free here.

  • singu

    yet you fuck with that alternative R&B shit, you fucking hipsters are too funny! Dope track tho

  • PigsAndPlans

    u no ur a hipster if u have ever had to deny being a hipster

  • Todd Vandale

    This is fucking dope.
    Also let people fuck with what they want. Unless its Drake.

  • Todd Vandale

    live version, solidifying belief in his vocals here.

  • girl todd wants to fuck

    todd vandale is so fucking cool for not liking drake. please fuck me todd.

  • http://twitter.com/PigsAndPlans Confusion

    Whoa the comment section got really funny. Good work!

  • swagmur larmah

    dis junt

  • Todd Vandale

    If your gonna come at me with words, don’t write em on construction paper with crayons.

    Drake, is the hip hop cancer.

  • Confusion

    I fuck with Drake. Am I still a hipster?

  • girl todd wants to fuck

    wow tell me more about drake the hip hop cancer todd. you are so interesting and unique. is he the reason why hip hop is dead? what is real hip hop todd i want to know. i want to learn from you because you clearly have the authority to draw lines on where genres begin and end. god todd i’m wet just thinking about your replly.

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