How to Start an Independent Record Label


The music industry is in a transitional phase of uncertainty right now, but the changing environment opens a lot of doors, especially for indie labels. Each year, indies are gaining a little more market share, and every year we hear new stories of indie success. Starting an independent record label is an exciting idea, but it also takes a lot of work and a lot of good decision-making. Here's some advice on how to make it work courtesy of a few people with experience:

Jeff Bratton of Cascine
Bryan Vaughan and Heidi Greenwood of Paper Garden Records
Ben Ruttner of HeavyRoc Music


  • Melanie Louise York

    Very interesting..many thanks for uploading for us to read and take in.

  • ya boi yb

    Kool…great perspective..i intend to attempt a label myself…question is, are they ready for me,cuz im bringing something new to the table….look out for Ya boi Yb,ill never quit even if i dont make it…its all about the music like you sai and as long as i can tell my story its worth every penny..

  • Quinn 5

    How do labels like strange music affect Indie labels I’m in pursuit of opening my label in that fashion your thoughts

  • Ryan Buck

    did you ever create that label?

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