Yeezy Taught Us: 11 Things We Learned From Kanye’s Rants


Kanye West doesn't do much press. He doesn't have to. Over the years, he's always found a way to get his point across. Most of the time, he does it through music, but he's also perfected the art of a well-timed rant. Whether it's a declaration of his mission statement, commentary on current events, or just getting some shit off his chest, a 'Ye rant always serves as great entertainment, and if you pay attention, you can also learn a thing or two. Here's what we've learned thanks to the Yeezy rants.

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  • OF

    how about self-absorbed narcissists get undeserved accolades?

  • Nita

    You Mad

  • John Hampton

    Ye the GOAT. Haters will never understand his brilliance

  • Ash

    You confirmed your irrelevance with this comment.

  • Arlo

    He’s one of the biggest racists. He hates white people. He’s a moron with no talent. He could drop dead and nobody would care about his music a year later. Good music stopped in the 90’s.

  • CharlesB

    Yeah you’re right. Mike Dean, Jon Brion, and Jeff Bhasker aren’t white. Neither is John Mayer. Or Mr Hudson. Ryan Mcdermott the newest G.O.O.D Music signee isn’t white either. He never works with white people ever. Damn. He has to work on that. Good point Ario.

  • Daniel

    Not like he has a white wife and half white baby or anything…

  • Gregory Keaton

    Dilla was way better than this cat and carried himself a lot better…just sayin’

  • JoshStarks

    Guys, I’m sure his dick is flaccid by now.

    Hop off.

  • nateezra2

    Damn you dumb. Look up videos of the making of late registration. One of the biggest influence of the whole album was an old white guy. Most of the tracks have his name on them.

  • Hog

    Heard Yeezy was racist, well, I guess that’s on one basis

    I only like green faces

  • poopoopoop

    He signed Mr Hudson, a white british guy to his GOODmusic label.
    ‘hates white people’ you fucking mong.

  • Faraday

    I try to keep his dramatic outbursts and his art/shows separate.

  • Guest

    Fair enough, but Dilla is still the G.O.A.T. I was only saying you can be bothard!

  • Gregory Keaton

    Fair enough. I was just stating that Dilla is the G.O.A.T. and his humility only added to his moniker.

  • Faraday

    Never really managed to get into J Dilla, but I respect his brilliance. I’m not even a huge Kanye fan anymore, but his early stuff (College Dropout/Graduation) speaks for itself.

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