Lupe Fiasco – “Jonylah Forever”



This past Tuesday morning, a 6-month-old baby named Johnylah Watkins was shot multiple times in Chicago as her father changed her diaper. The child died, and Lupe Fiasco was so moved that he wrote a song about it. Instead of getting political or tackling the big picture issue of violence in Chicago, Lupe takes a different and much more impactful route—he focuses in on Johnylah Watkins and imagined if she had lived.

  • Greek5100

    This is why I like Lupe so much apart from being a great lyricist he legitemaly cares about the world and its problems. Only Lupe.

  • Jeffro

    zero comments for a good song, but plenty of comments when trash is posted on this site….seems about right.

    Props to Lupe, one of the best jams of the year.

  • tim harrington

    this is a great tribute to a lost life

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