Robin Thicke ft. T.I. & Pharrell – “Blurred Lines”


How’s this for timing? With Justin Timberlake‘s comeback in full swing, a lot of Robin Thicke fans were all “eh” about the whole thing. Now they can now push aside the negativity and celebrate, because Robin Thicke is back. And he’s got Pharrell and T.I. with him. And with that funky production, RT is giving JT a run for his money. And JT might be getting that Bud Light money, but Robin’s keeping it classy with the Rémy.

“Blurred Lines” is the first single from Robin’s album, which we should have more details on soon.



    Wow, sounds like a 10 year old Timberlake track which wasn’t quite good enough for Justified… With JT’s old collaborators too.

  • Diana

    What. In the hell. Was this. Pharrell, please give up on producing. I’ve officially given up on you.

  • OKAY

    (for white people only)

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    suit and tie is loads better


    This was pretty dope, just a fun light track. Production was spot on like usual, but as a lead single?

  • Jay

    This comes off a little rapey

  • febo

    ^ These guys sound like jt fanboys or something, suit & tie was straight bad

  • blesssed

    Not good.

  • Jumi


  • YO mama

    doesn’t change the fact that 20/20 was crap. Because Danja didn’t produce it.

    And this is far from Pharrell’s best effort. but the man keep smaking great music

    listen to seet lifeby frank and good kid by kendirck, 2 completely different tracks, classic nontheless

  • Jettison

    Music should be fun after all. JT with 20/20 & now Robin Thicke putting out a fun track. This is what music is all about, having a damn good time.

  • Rob J Hyland Monks

    T.I getting his P Diddy on @ 1.25.

  • akMontufar

    Found this to be okay. Will hopefully get better after a few listens. Don’t agree at all that 20/20 was crap though. Big difference between personally disliking an album and that album actually being crap. I happen to think it’s a very well conceived project and enjoy all but just a few of the tracks. JT’s a different person/artist today than he was in ’06, people are just going to have to accept that.

  • jamie johnson

    this looks like it was fun as hell to shoot and make. i like it!

  • xomaria1992

    omg T.I. literallt couldnt stop dancing


    This track is fun and nice to dance to good dance floor filler. JT new album is to mainstream is more radio music than anything.

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