Shlohmo ft. Jeremih – “Bo Peep (Do U Right)”

Shlohmo Jeremih 1 Shlohmo ft. Jeremih   Bo Peep (Do U Right)

If you only remember Jeremih from “Birthday Sex,” seeing his name next to Shlohmo‘s is a little surprising, but something with these two clicked. Shlohmo brought some left-field genius to Jeremih’s “Fuck U All The Time” with his remix, and now Yours Truly brought the two together for something official.

Shlohmo explained that making music isn’t usually a collaborative process for him, but when Jeremih got into the studio with him, it came naturally. Check out what they came up with below.

The two will perform together on April 5 & 6 in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

(Yours Truly)


  • Jay Kush

    fucing siiiiick

  • dubjHaass

    Shlohmo drops new shit and everything stops…Sonic Gold


    the sum is as good as its parts