The 10 Best Lykke Li Remixes


Over two albums, Lykke Li has developed a unique aesthetic that gives everything she does a specific feel to it, both clean and uncluttered but strikingly bold. One of the keys to her sound is the fact that, so far, she's always worked with Björn Yttling of Peter, Björn, and John as her producer. She reached out to him early in her career, cold calling him and asking if he'd take a listen to her songs, and he accepted. She and the fellow Swede worked closely together on both Youth Novels and Wounded Rhymes.

While Björn has done an excellent job handling production for Lykke, the fact that she's stuck with him as a producer makes it even more interesting when someone else steps in to rework her music. From Tyler, The Creator to Beck and Dave Sitek, here are 10 other producers who took on Lykke Li songs and did it right.

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