The 10 Best Major Lazer Remixes


By Constant Gardner, Jon Tanners, and Joyce Ng

Though Diplo has tried his hand at many projects, solo and side, over the last few years, perhaps none has been as successful as his reggae-inspired detour into the animated world of Major Lazer. With the help of Switch and numerous other collaborators, Diplo has found a wonderful window (as if he really needed an excuse) to fuse his various dance interests around a loose central theme, creating music fit for clubs, festivals, and overheated house parties alike. Albums and original tracks alone, of course, can't hold as potent and versatile a force as Major Lazer, so today we celebrate our favorite remixes the fictional rasta surfer hero has done for other artists.

Major Lazer's next album, Free The Universe, has been delayed, so for now, check out the 10 Best Major Lazer Remixes.

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  • Nah_Rez

    oh good you picked my favorite one for number one i was worried it wasn’t on here <3

  • Owen Lumsden

    Saw them in concert last night. Fucking Amazing

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